KnuERA "ANT NO KiLLA" Music Video (Dir Shukree Shabazz)

The Epic Event is here!!! Ladies and Gentlemen on behalf of KnuERAent and Khalil.Ent we present the highly anticipated music video "Ant no Killa"(Directed by Shukree Shabazz)! KnuERA and Dir. look to show a informal and important message about being a powerful person, esp. with regard to family, friends, and humanity. This video is ACTION PACKED and sure to INSPIRE!!  Here's a little additional info about this aspiring mogul:
 KnuERA, an artist, MC, live performer, dancer and rapper, is on his way to becoming a magnet for adoring fans around the world. His sound, which features futuristic beats, soulful melodies, crafty punch lines, and catchy lyrics, are sure to bring a fresh Knu feel to the airwaves. 

KnuERA, born Evan L. Cunningham in Tennessee, was introduced to the Memphis music scene by his uncles, who mentored him on song writing and musicality. KnuERA carried that passion for music with him to California, where he raised his profile by engaging audiences through several local appearances.   In September of 2011, KnuAge Warrior EP debuted on iTunes, MP3, and other websites where music is digitally sold.  KnuAge Warrior EP has been featured on’s top 100 list in Los Angeles County, competing against such artists as New Boyz and Sean Kingston.  His album is also featured on, and  KnuERA has performed in various parts of the western U.S., including, Bloomfield, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Along with his music, KnuERA owns and operates KnuERA Entertainment, where he has hosted over 150+ events, from corporate functions, birthday parties for the young and young-at-heart, weddings, and mitzvahs. KnuERA and his team bring over 10 years of experience to the special events business. 

With the release of KnuAge Warrior Ep and the continued success of KnuERA Entertainment, the future is bright for this talented young entertainer.

Behind the Scene "AINT NO KILLA" Full Interview with "KnuERA"


Knu Fitness:75 year old female body builder | Started bodybuilding at 71!


The world's oldest female bodybuilder wakes up every day at 02:30 to fit in a 10 mile (16km) run before hitting the gym.
But 75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd insists that "age is nothing but a number".
"Miss Ernie", as she is known in the world of competitive bodybuilding, began training at the tender age of 71.
She says her true calling in life, however, is helping others to follow a more healthy lifestyle.
The BBC caught up with her at an exercise class at her church in the US city of Baltimore, Maryland, to find out why she started bodybuilding. So keep ya head up yall and know its never to late to start !!



George Frazier of Esquire said it best: "Want to know if a guy is well dressed? Look down". Without proper color seams, shoes, or accessories you more or less look like a dork. I'll display some differences between each style of dress shoe, the versatility of every color, layering and what works for who and why. Every thing is based off first skin tones and second personal comfort. My goal is not for you to dress like me but to go forward with your own flavor. Building great fashion, and leaders that’s how we’re rocking it over at KnuERAent.
A little fun fact:
These (or the 5, 11, 12 featured later) are my favorite Jordan’s. M.J’s first sneaker with Nike, 1985, These shoes were officially banned by the NBA because they broke the “uniform policy” and the black and red color way was considered too “aggressive”. (MJ of course still wore these in every game of the ’85/’86 season. Nike gladly paid the $5,000 per-game fine) Look who got the last laugh!


The Knu and Old

Throwback Jam of the week- Classic: 2pac California love

Throwback Jam of the week: (#rememberwhenthiswashot)-2pac -California love


Unique/Relevant Collaborations: Eminem scheduled to hit the studio with Lady Gaga! This should be intresting

Fans were recently surprised when news of Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar hit the web, but fans will be left speechless once they learn who else she has hit the studio with.Hip Hops most exciting lyricist, Eminem has revealed that he has already collaborated with Gaga and will be releasing the song on his new upcoming album.Lady Gaga also posted a TwitPic of herself with new rapper Kendrick Lamar in the studio together. But I think people are actually shocked to learn that she will be featured in Eminem new song, titled ‘Street Lights’.Eminem spoke with MTV RapFix on the subject, “Yeah, I got this crazy record with Gaga and Kendrick for the upcoming LP. Its called ‘Street Lights’, and its just a real upbeat record.”The song will actually be on  Em’s next album, rather than the ARTPOP album Lady Gaga announced a couple of days back. The single will be released “after Slaughterhouse’s album”, who is part of Shady 2.0.funny thing about this whole ordeal is that Eminem once called Gaga “a male lady” on  one of his old tracks “A Kiss” from his collaboration with Royce Da 5’9′ as Bad Meets Evil. I must be the first to admit I never saw this one coming!


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