George Frazier of Esquire said it best: "Want to know if a guy is well dressed? Look down". Without proper color seams, shoes, or accessories you more or less look like a dork. I'll display some differences between each style of dress shoe, the versatility of every color, layering and what works for who and why. Every thing is based off first skin tones and second personal comfort. My goal is not for you to dress like me but to go forward with your own flavor. Building great fashion, and leaders that’s how we’re rocking it over at KnuERAent.
A little fun fact:
These (or the 5, 11, 12 featured later) are my favorite Jordan’s. M.J’s first sneaker with Nike, 1985, These shoes were officially banned by the NBA because they broke the “uniform policy” and the black and red color way was considered too “aggressive”. (MJ of course still wore these in every game of the ’85/’86 season. Nike gladly paid the $5,000 per-game fine) Look who got the last laugh!

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